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If you are a first-time homebuyer, navigating all the new information about homeownership, the home buying process, and mortgages can seem overwhelming.
If you are beginning the mortgage shopping process, but have no clue as to what information you'll need and whether you'll even qualify.
There are three (3) things that a lender considers when determining your qualification for a mortgage.

  • Income
  • Debt-To-Income
  • Credit History

Why do you need to be pre-approved?

Acquiring a home loan is the first step in the process when making a home purchase. It is important to understand that often buyers find the home of their dreams and often do not know if they can qualify for the acquisition. Knowing and understanding your buying power can be critical to making your purchase a stress free and successful transaction.​

Step 1: Contact your Pine Creek Financial Group Mortgage Broker and ask about current financing programs.
We can discuss the loan that will fit your needs.

Step 2: Acquire a Real Estate Broker that will locate your dream home.

Step 3: Work with your Real Estate Agent and your Mortgage Broker to complete the transaction.

It may sound as simple as 1,2,3, but your Agent and Broker are hard at work behind the scenes.
If you do not have an agent, we can help you find a great agent through our preferred partner's list.

Pine Creek Financial Group can take the guesswork out of acquiring a mortgage loan and help you understand and determine the amount you and your family can comfortably afford. It is our goal to help you complete your real estate purchase.
Acquiring a pre-approval for your purchase can give you, the buyer, an advantage over other buyers. A Pre-Approval letter lets the seller know that you are ready to complete the loan and strengthens your buying position.

There is no obligation. Let us help you find the best mortgage loan. Call us today or complete our quick application on our secure web-portal. 
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