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  1. Cleared to Close - What to expect?
    30 Nov, 2017
    Cleared to Close - What to expect?
    What to expect during the Cleared to Close phase?
  2. Underwriting- What to expect?
    30 Nov, 2017
    Underwriting- What to expect?
    What to expect during the underwriting phase?
  3. Appraisal - What to expect?
    30 Nov, 2017
    Appraisal - What to expect?
    What to expect during the home appraisal process?
  4. A Home For All Seasons: Year-Round Considerations
    08 Nov, 2017
    A Home For All Seasons: Year-Round Considerations
    Whatever time of year you find yourself shopping for a new home, it's important to give some thought to what that home will be like throughout the rest of the year.  Be on the lookout for things that could affect the access and comfort of your home through all the months of the year.  Winter Considerations  If you live in an area with heavy snow, it's important to give serious thought to how accessible your home will be in those months.  Homes on hills might find the roads impassable due to
  5. Bridge Financing: What Is It?
    19 Sep, 2017
    Bridge Financing: What Is It?
    Bridge Financing: What Is It?  When it comes time to finance your new home and you still have a loan on another home you own but plan to sell, you are likely to run into the term bridge financing.  This is a special type of financing that can help solve the cash flow problems created by the need to complete the purchase of one home before you complete the sale of the other.  Filling In The Gap  It can be difficult to get the sale of your current home to coincide perfectly with the purchase of
  6. Common Financing Terms Explained
    23 May, 2017
    Common Financing Terms Explained
    Common Home Financing Terms Explained  If you are new to home financing, you may be a little confused by some of the common terms that are used in the process.  These common terms will help simplify getting your home loan and ensure you understand what stage you are at and what comes next.  Getting A Loan  Pre-Qualification:  This is a term that means you have been provided an estimate of what sort of loan you can expect to obtain based on your credit score and what's currently available.  It
  7. Initial Documents - What to expect?
    30 Nov, 2017
    Initial Documents - What to expect?
    Thank you for letting us assist you with your mortgage.
  8. 31 Aug, 2017
    Finding Your Credit Rating
    Finding your credit rating can be an intimidating task, but for anyone hoping to purchase a home it is a necessary step. Your credit rating has a huge effect on the process of purchasing a home, from the types of lenders you will approach, to the type of loan you will get, to the interest rate you will be offered. So how can you find your credit rating, and how do you evaluate it? Finding Your Credit Score There are three major credit companies in the United States that offer you free access to
  9. 24 Aug, 2017
    Applying For a Joint Mortgage Loan With Your Spouse
    Applying For a Joint Mortgage Loan With Your Spouse  When you are ready to buy a home, applying for a mortgage is one of the first and most important steps.  For married couples, this usually involves applying for a mortgage loan jointly.  This means that the loan will be in both of your names and you will be co-owners of the house.  While it may seem like the obvious thing to do, there are a few situations when applying with only one name might be wise.  Here are a few tips on joint mortgage
  10. Recognizing Predatory Mortgage Lenders
    10 Aug, 2017
    Recognizing Predatory Mortgage Lenders
    A predator is defined as one that preys on others, which is why some lenders have fittingly earned the title as predatory mortgage lenders. Excessively high interest rates, questionable and/or hidden fees and high pressure tactics used to direct borrowers to a larger loan than they may be able to afford are trademark characteristics of a predatory mortgage lender.  Prey Verses Predator  When it comes to obtaining a mortgage, the rules of the jungle often apply. If you aren’t careful, you may
  11. 31 Jul, 2017
    The Advantages of Pre-Approval
    The decision to purchase a home can be an exciting but sometimes confusing undertaking. When beginning your search for the perfect home, there are a number of factors that you will want to consider. Whether you are a first time buyer or already own a home and want to move up, getting pre-approval for your mortgage is a necessary and time saving step. Here are some of the benefits of getting pre-approved!  Know Your Budget!  Getting pre-approved means that you will have a clear picture of the
  12. 14 Jul, 2017
    A Homeowner's Toolkit: All The Tools You Need To Care For Your Home
    Whether you have just bought your first home or have been a homeowner for some time, chances are that at some point you will be faced with home repairs.  While you can always call the local repairman to fix minor plumbing or structural problems, doing the repairs yourself can save you time and money, and with a few tools you'll have everything you need to make most home repairs.  So what do you need to create a Homeowner's Toolkit, and to give you the know-how to make the simple repairs
  13. 08 Feb, 2017
    Do you really need a broker?
    Do You Really Need A Broker?  A mortgage broker's job is to match you with a mortgage company that can offer you the best terms on your home loan.  Most brokers work with a list of companies and can consider a variety of options for you.  Do you really need a broker, or is it better to do the legwork yourself to make sure you get the best rate?  There are a few things to consider.  Do You Have The Time?  It's a good idea to shop around for the best rate on your mortgage, and not everyone has